Discover the Best Glue You Can Use for Glass

Are you a fan of repairing items? This information could save you the extra expense of always buying new items if you don’t have the right glue for the job. Glass requires glue that offers a strong bond to hold the pieces together for many years because of its smooth texture. We will help you pick the best glue for glass by discussing them in detail. Enjoy!

Beacon-2 ounce glass metal – Best for outdoor use

Do you have broken pieces of glass that need immediate repair? Get Beacon glue which is capable of bonding materials such as metal, glass, and mosaics. You can also use this glue to fix your jewelry or join wires.

It is designed to resist water and harsh weather conditions, making this glue convenient to use outdoors. Beacon glue is strong enough to make a permanent attachment between two pieces of glass. The glue grabs easily but needs about 24 hours to dry completely. That gives you, therefore, sufficient time to position your pieces correctly.

We like the fact that Beacon does not leave signs of any repair. You can use it on clear surfaces since it does not yellow even after a long while.


  • It is user-friendly.
  • The glue works on different materials, thus it is versatile.
  • It is UV resistant and weatherproof.


  • It takes a long time before it dries.

Loctite 3 pack – Best for dishwasher items

Loctite contains a binding agent that works well on steel materials and glass objects. You can also utilize it on either dark or white broken pieces. Its ability to remain clear makes it suitable for items such as glass, since it does not turn yellow.

To use it, you need to hold the broken pieces together for a few seconds without shaking them as you adjust them into position. The bonding can take about an hour, but you can leave it overnight to get better results. Do not place the repaired item in your dishwasher immediately.

Loctite does not form clumps, which can be problematic in attaching pieces. It is also resistant to water as long as it is dry.

It, however, emits a strong odor, meaning you need to use it in a well-ventilated area.


  • The binding takes minimal time.
  • No clumping
  • You can use it at 175 degrees F.


  • It is not ideal for plastics.
  • You cannot use it to join sections that have gaps.

Gorilla 5002401 – Best for vertical use

Buy this versatile and robust glue that uses polyurethane to bond materials such as glass, wood, concrete, and ceramic. You can use this glue both outdoors and indoors, since it’s waterproof. It is ideal for tough repairs that standard glue cannot handle.

We like the fact that this super glue does not break down easily when used on outdoor objects. The manufacturers claim that the glue can expand up to three times and set quickly. Unlike other adhesives, this brand does not need you to hold the broken parts together after using it.

It does not clump, and it only takes a few minutes to adhere.


  • It does not run.
  • It dries fast.


  • Sometimes, the cap gets stuck on the bottle.

E6000 Craft adhesive – Best for repairing cloth items

If you need to make the positioning of two objects perfect, you need some glue that gives you time. E6000 is an ideal choice that offers you 5 minutes to adjust the pieces you need to put together. It comes in a tube and contains an applicator tip.

This glue can bond materials such as glass, leather, ceramic and fabric. You can use it in high temperatures since it is designed to be resistant to such conditions. Your surfaces will not separate when you expose them to water, as long as the bond has dried. This process can take up to 2 days.

Thanks to E600, you can repair damaged parts on your favorite purses, bags, or jeans. It is a transparent adhesive that does not leave repair traces on items such as glass, either.


  • It is waterproof.
  • You can use it on leather, glass, fabric, and wood.


  • It has a long curing time.

Bob Smith industries – Best for plastics

If your line of work entails constructing small projects, you need Bob Smith glue—it can make the task easier. Your package gives you not only the adhesive but also a curing agent to facilitate rapid curing. It also has applicator tips and offers a thick consistency on different surfaces.

Once you have sealed the desired parts, the glue enhances their strength so that they adhere perfectly. You can also use this glue on plastics, model cars, trucks, and planes. We like the fact that this glue has a curing time of only 15 seconds.

Unlike many adhesives that have – odor, Bob Smith is not irritating. You can apply the glue on one side of the surface as you spray an activator on the desired part then stick them together.

The metal pin on it prevents the glue from clogging.


  • It is consistent.
  • It does not emit a bad smell.
  • The length of this bottle keeps your hands away from the mess.


  • The area should be rough in order for the glue to seal the components.

Pratley Epoxy – Best for delicate repairs

This is a kit that gives you two parts so that you can glue all kinds of materials, including glass, concrete, cement, metals, aluminum, and ceramics. Epoxy offers a strong sticking ability and dries fast without leaving visible marks on delicate areas such as transparent glass and ornaments.

It takes only 15 minutes to bond, meaning you can repair a lot of items without waiting for long for them to dry. You should, however, ensure that the surfaces you are working on are not rusty, dusty, or oily.

We like it since it is ideal for heavy-duty work and is capable of handling rough surfaces. It provides a thick consistency for easy application.


  • It is strong and flexible.
  • The glue dries quickly.
  • It does not show up on clear surfaces.


  • It can get sticky.
  • You will need good ventilation due to the smell.

Elmer’s E1012-best for light-duty repairs

This glue may have a thin texture, but it works well on glass, electronics, and ceramics. It is user-friendly since it is not sticky like many other adhesives. It is not visible on surfaces, as long as you don’t expose it to UV rays, making it ideal for indoor use.

You can manage it well by wiping off the excess glue from the sides of your surfaces before it dries. You can use this glue in your kitchen, garage, or workshop. The drying of the adhesive is fast, and it is also non-toxic making it safe to use.


  • It is not toxic.
  • It does not have a sticky texture.
  • The glue is multi-purpose.
  • It also dries clear.


  • It is not pocket-friendly.