What is The Best Paint Stripper?

Finding the right paint stripper isn’t the easiest task in the world. Paints can be of different types, and aside from that, people’s needs vary significantly. Someone may want a paint stripper for safe indoor use, while others might look for one that can remove paint in mere minutes.

With that in mind, we picked seven paint stripping products designed for a variety of surfaces and types of paint. Whether you are looking for a latex paint stripper or want a product that’s eco-friendly, you may find the best pick reading through these reviews!

Citri-Strip Paint and Varnish Stripping Gel – Best Value for the Money

Sold in a large 32 oz. canister, Citri-Strip is quite a good deal for the money. It’s not only the amount of stripping gel that makes this product the best in terms of value, though.

First, this paint stripper doesn’t contain methylene chloride and isn’t caustic, making it a safe option for indoor use. The citrus scent of the paint stripper also contributes to its indoor-use capabilities. Citri-Strip is also biodegradable and since it’s a gel, it can be applied with brushes.

Secondly, the Citri-Strip paint stripper stays wet and active for up to 24 hours, which allows it to soften multiple layers of paint for more thorough stripping. Plus, this product is formulated to remove layers of coatings such as latex, enamel, shellac, acrylic, lacquer, and polyurethane from metal, wood, and masonry.

There is one thing you should keep in mind, however: Even though this product is fairly safe for indoor use, you should ensure proper ventilation it produces a small amount of vapor.


  • Attractive price
  • Can strip multiple layers of various paints
  • Citrus-scented
  • Can be applied with a brush
  • Can be used indoors
  • Biodegradable


  • Requires significant ventilation for indoor use.

Diamond Chemicals Smart Strip Paint Remover – Best Paint Stripper for Indoor Use

If you are specifically looking for a paint stripper for indoor use, then Diamond Chemicals Smart Strip Paint Remover will probably be the right choice for you.

This paint stripper doesn’t contain methylene chloride or toxic, or caustic chemicals. It also is formulated to be odor-free and environmentally safe. It is biodegradable and water-based as well.

While this product may appear similar to Citri-Strip, which we reviewed a bit earlier, it appears that Diamond Chemical’s solution is much safer for indoor use, even though it still requires you to ventilate the room.


  • Can remove marine, lead-based paints
  • Removes multiple layers
  • Can be applied with a brush
  • Biodegradable
  • Comes in a 1-gallon bucket
  • Fairly safe for indoor use


  • Expensive

Jasco Bix EJBP00206 Premium Paint & Epoxy Remover – Best All-Around Paint Stripper

If you are looking for a paint stripper that works with various kinds of paint, Jasco Bix Premium Paint & Epoxy Remover may be the right choice for you. This paint remover is formulated to strip varnish, vinyl, polyurethane, latex, shellac, epoxy, and many other synthetic coatings.

This product is fairly easy to apply since it comes in a spray bottle. The stripper is also manufactured in the US, so it should be a good choice for you if you trust only domestic products. Combined with the versatility of this excellent paint remover, these features make the Premium Paint & Epoxy Remover the best all-around paint stripper, in our opinion.

While this paint stripper is quite easy to apply, it seems that the bottle has some issues with clogging. Aside from that, make sure to work with specialized equipment, since the stripper emits hazardous fumes.


  • Works on various paints
  • Manufactured in the US


  • Could have some issues with clogging
  • Releases fumes that may be dangerous

Motsenbocker 413-01 Latex Paint Remover— Best Paint Stripper for Latex

Motsenbocker Latex Paint Remover is formulated specifically to strip latex paint, as the name of the product states. If you want a product to remove water-based latex paint, then this one could be the best pick for you.

The Latex Paint Remover should not only be fairly effective, but also quite safe. It is water-based and made from biodegradable ingredients, so it should be non-flammable and safe for use.

The Latex Paint Remover also comes in a convenient, large 22 oz. spray bottle.

If you can’t really stand peculiar smells, make sure to be extra careful using this product since you may dislike its odor.


  • Good for water-based latex paint
  • Comes in a fairly large spray bottle
  • Biodegradable
  • Water-based and quite safe


  • Its smell could be annoying.

VHT SP575 Strip Fast Aggressive Paint Remover – Best Paint Stripper for Quick Paint Removal

If you want a rapid paint stripper, then take a look at VHT SP575. It is formulated to quickly strip off paint from any wood or metal surface. It could be pretty useful on stubborn spots as well.

The aggressive nature of this stripper has its downsides, though: It is extremely flammable, meaning that you will to make sure that you work in a safe flame-free environment. It also produces potentially toxic fumes, which will require you to use specialized equipment during the application of this stripper.


  • Can be used on wood or metal surfaces
  • Works very quickly


  • Extremely flammable
  • Produces dangerous fumes

Klean-Strip Paint Stripper – Best Paint Stripper for Multi-Layer Stripping

Klean-Strip Paint Stripper should be the best option for you if you are looking for a solution to strip several layers of paint quickly. It works with a wide variety of paints, including latex and epoxy, as well as varnish, polyurethane, shellac, etc.

This paint stripper can also be used with brushes. However, it is so aggressive that it may melt plastic brushes or scrapers, so you may need wooden or metal tools. Aside from that, this remover produces a potentially vapor, which makes it not very safe for indoor use without excellent ventilation.


  • Affordable
  • Can quickly strip multiple layers of paint


  • Produces noxious vapor

Savogran 01102 Strypeeze Semi-Paste Stripper Paint/Varnish Remover—The Best Time-Saving Paint Stripper

Savogran Srtypeeze Semi-Paste stripper is fairly similar to the Klean-Strip, but it has one big advantage: It can be rinsed with soap and water for easier cleanup and sludge removal.

Aside from that, this paint stripper appears to be less aggressive, although it should still remove multiple layers of paint fairly quickly. This ability means that you should be able to safely use a wide range of brushes.

This paint stripper was specifically designed for outdoor use. It releases fumes, so you shouldn’t get this product if you want something for indoor areas.


  • Can strip several layers of paint
  • Can be rinsed with water
  • Good for outdoor use


  • Produces dangerous fumes

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